CCI Learning Module Toolbox

Materials on this website were created during the “Creative Industries Learning Module (CCILM)” project funded by the EEA/Norway Cooperation Programme in Higher Education

Our mission

The objective of this cooperation project was to develop learning tools about the CCI and creative entrepreneurship that anyone can use.

The CCI Learning Module Toolbox

Various tools for teachers and trainers that support them in (1) developing their own syllabuses and (2) preparing lectures/training about the CCI and entrepreneurship within the CCI.

Conference "Supporting (future) creative entrepreneurs"

The toolbox was presented at the conference "Supporting (future) creative entrepreneurs", where David Parrish (UK) gave an overview of the future needs of creative entrepreneurs and what organizations supporting them should keep in mind; Kaari Kiitsak-Prikk from the Estonian Academy of Music, Juko-Mart Kõlar from the Viljandi Academy of Culture and Sten-Kristian Saluveer from the Baltic Film, Media and Art School talked about their experiences and tips about teaching creative industries and entrepreneurship. Kristiina Urb (Estonian Business School) introduced the CCI Learning Module toolbox for creative industries and entrepreneurship.

Tools in the CCI Learning Module Toolbox that you can use:

Supports you in creating your own course/training and learn how you can use all the different tools in our CCI Learning Module Toolbox in the process.


The Handbook is for you and your students to use and to learn more about the contemporary themes in the CCI.


Over 20 supportive materials you may use with your students when teaching about the CCI.


Helps to illustrate entrepreneurship in the CCI.


Over 30 videos you can use to enhance your lecture/training.


For those who prefer listening to watching videos.


An example course

We also created an example intensive 5-day course about the CCI and entrepreneurship that uses the tools from the CCI Learning Module Toolbox.

You can download all the slides created for it from here.

Everyone who wishes to use the CCI Learning Module Toolbox when creating their own course/training are fully free to choose the methodology they wish to use. Furthermore, you can decide for yourself if you wish to use all the tools in the CCI Learning Module Toolbox listed above or you only pick some of them that are suitable for the course/training you wish to create.

What are the cultural and creative industries (CCI)?

The UK Government's Department for Culture, Media and Sport defines CCI as those industries which have their origin in individual creativity, skill, and talent and which have a potential for wealth and job creation through the generation and exploitation of intellectual property.

The entrepreneurs operating within CCI are considered the ones who use the scarce resources of individual creativity, skills, and talent to develop and produce goods and services.

You can read more about the CCI from the Handbook.